Gloria Makokis


Gloria Makokis is a Cree Indigenous woman from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation.  She has obtained her degree in Education from the University of Alberta.  Gloria went on to enroll in courses offered by the University of Oklahoma, National University and Yale University.  She is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Gloria's work experience includes teaching, workshops on loss and grief, parenting, Inner child and trauma, and researching on the latest medical and scientific technology on guided imagery and meditation.  

Gloria has done workshops for T.C.C.F.S East and West, Quadra Island,  Sikiska First Nation, Frog Lake, Beaver Lake, Cold Lake, Goodfish Lake, Saddle Lake, Heart Lake, Kehewin, Amiskwaciy School and Alexander First Nation.

Gloria's philosophy to assist in developing an awareness of the unlimited potential our Indigenous people possess.  She firmly believes that everything that comes our way emotionally and physically is an opportunity from the past, to address the hidden pain, guilt or shame. In doing so we change it in to self-awareness, personal understanding and self-appreciation.  For the only thing that limits us are our selves.

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